Winning at Adventure with Haley Jardine

Winning at Adventure with Haley Jardine

Winning at Adventure with Haley Jardine


In November 2017, Eidon proudly launched its Adventurers programme bestowing to 10 incredible, thrill-seeking women from all walks of life, the title of Ambassador. We held a small, year-long contest amongst them with the grand prize being an all expenses paid trip to hang with us, wherever in the world we are, shooting for the upcoming swim campaign! The winner, with the best case of wanderlust we’ve ever seen, was none other than Ms. @Wanderfullife herself, Haley Jardine!



EIDON: SURPRISE!! You’re the winner of our first adventurers contest! How do you feel?

Haley: Honestly, I am totally surprised because it never crossed my mind that I could actually win. But aside from the shock, I am incredibly happy and excited!

EIDON: Any guesses on where you’ll be adventuring with us in 2019?

Haley: Well it has to be somewhere with surf. Somewhere in Central America maybe or the Dominican Republic? Where ever it ends up being I know I will love it because I love exploring new places! I am happiest when I am in a bikini surrounded by the ocean and the warmth of the sun.



EIDON: If you could choose the location, where would it be and why?

Haley: I would chose Colombia! This upbeat country has so many beautiful coastal towns with surf and incredible beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides. Not only this, but the country has a joyous and colourful culture that I would love to experience.



EIDON: What inspires you to be an adventurer?

Haley: Without adventure my life would be incredibly bland. It is the spice that makes my life interesting and exciting. I will never stop chasing that feeling I get when I explore a new place. It fills me with a great sense of lightness and freedom that nothing else ever has. We live on such an incredible planet and I want nothing more than to 
explore it until the day I die.



EIDON: If you could give one piece of advice to women on how to have the “Live Travel Surf” spirit, what would it be?

Haley: At the end of our lives, we will never regret the time we spent traveling and exploring. We will regret the time we over prioritized work, the time we didn’t spend with family, the times we listened to that voice in our head that told us we weren’t beautiful or that we didn’t deserve to go on a trip. Listen to that other feeling inside, the one that says go for it, the one that inspires you to do the things that really set your heart on fire.



EIDON: What new places are you hoping to visit in 2019?

Haley: Aside from many local trips in British Columbia, I hope to travel to Iceland, as well as do some van trips across Canada and down into the United States. I would love to explore Ecuador and Colombia, Morocco and French Polynesia. There really is no end to the places I want to travel to and my hopes are that this will never stop even when I have a family of my own.



EIDON: What’s your favourite thing about being an Eidon Adventurer?

Haley: Aside from the amazing bikinis, I love the community it has created. I like knowing that there is a group of strong and driven women out there who are pursuing the things that they love and really going for it. It is inspiring to be a part of this!

Congratulations again Haley! We’re beyond stoked to have you join us on our next adventure! In the meantime, keep living the Eidon life with that wayfaring spirit we absolutely love about you!



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