this trend is flipping the bikini world upside down
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Dig through your closet and you’re unlikely to find an item you can wear upside-down. Jeans? Definitely not. A sweatshirt? Nope. A jacket? No comment.

A bikini top, though … flip it 180 degrees and you’ll end up looking just as cute, if not even cuter.

Zoe wearing Love Story Kali Slider top
Shirley wearing Eidon Kali Slider top in Jundi Tuscany

It’s a trend you’ve probably come across on social media, and one that’s about to flood your feed once again as summer draws closer. Like so many fashion moments before it, this style can be traced back to Kendall Jenner, who rocked an upside-down triangle top while on vacation in 2020. Her fellow Kardashian-Jenners followed suit, and the rest is history.

From there, the general public’s creativity took hold. Photos started popping up all over social media with slight tweaks to the style: some people began tying their tops like a criss-crossed halter, while others tied them in the middle for a strapless-esque silhouette. 

Darby wearing the upside down bikini top in Eidon's Kali Slider Top

Instead of fading into obscurity (as many trends do), this look has shown impressive staying power. When you think about it, it’s the ultimate hack for “shopping” your own closet: with a single flip, you’re opening the door to tons of new styles, and an old top you may have skipped over in the past suddenly has renewed potential.

We are loving the creativity that’s come out of this swimsuit trend! If you’re looking to try it out for yourself, our pick is the Kali triangle slider.

Eidon is here for it

Kali is the classic triangle bikini top, perfected. It’s an essential piece for every swimsuit drawer, and now, it can also be the foundation for your next style experiment. To make things super-easy for you, we’re even adding photos to show how Kali fits when upside-down, like these ones from our Summer 2022 collection!


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It’s a trend you’ve probably seen on social media: the upside-down bikini top! Here’s how to steal the look.