Unveiling Eidon's Summer 2020 Collection

For the grand majority of us, visiting somewhere new is no longer on the menu this summer. That means we’ll need to find creative ways to step into the adventurer mindset, and keep the “live, travel, surf” motto alive from the comfort of home.

Eidon’s Summer 2020 collection is here to whisk you away with all-new travel-inspired prints: each collection would make for a brag-worthy passport stamp, featuring a mix of exotic beaches and postcard-perfect towns. 

 Ready to surf our new arrivals? 

Shop Eidon's MOROTAI collection!


Our bright, flowery Morotai print is a perfect snapshot of its namesake Indonesian island on a sunny day: verdant and colorful, with a turquoise backdrop that seems to go on forever.

Shop Eidon's ANDALUSIA collection!


This collection is a tapestry of different colors, prints, and palettes, mirroring Andalusia’s unparalleled cultural and geographical diversity: individually gorgeous, but even more breathtaking together.

Shop Eidon's INDIGO SHORES collection!


From the ice-speckled fjords of Alaska to India’s opulent Malabai Coast, each one of our Indigo Shores print’s deep blue stripes represents a single shoreline from across the world.

Shop Eidon's NAVAGIO collection!


The waters of Navagio Beach are so blue, you’ll swear Greece invented a new shade just for us! In true Grecian fashion, this collection is a duo of white and blue that blends two complementary prints.

Shop Eidon's ANAKENA collection!


Anakena beach is more than meets the eye. As an ode to Chile’s geometry-centric textile motifs, our Anakena collection is a whirlwind adventure of angles, twists, and turns.

So, did something catch your eye? Of course it did! To celebrate this season’s launch, our gift to you is 15% off your first order with Eidon when you sign up for our newsletter.

Get 15% off your first order with Eidon when you sign up for our newsletter.