Summer has a serious knack for awakening the travel bug in all of us. No other season is so organically infused with adventure, exploration, and possibility – and we’re feeling it!

At Eidon, new beginnings always go hand-in-hand with a bundle of brand-new prints. No travel bag is sufficiently packed without at least one of these beachfront beauties.





Our Nirvana collection is an ode to rebirth and a celebration of renewal, with the noble tulip at the centre of it all. We layered this lovable bloom against white-on-black polka dots, a pattern not unlike the snow that springtime gently melts away.





The soft simplicity of Eidon’s brand-new nautical-striped swim collection was inspired by our seaside sisters across the globe. This minimal motif pairs best with windswept hair and sun-kissed skin speckled with sea mist.





Our paradisiacal Palawan print is the tropical trip you’ve been waiting for. A fresh, young take on a classic beach motif, this collection layers lush green fronds against a rosy blush backdrop. 





Our After the Rain collection is inspired by the moment when the clouds have finally cleared and the sky bears a colorful tapestry of its recent stormy upheaval: a pale pastel rainbow that smiles down upon the lushness below.


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