Unveiling 2019

Unveiling 2019

Unveiling 2019


Waterfronts and wondrous waves the world over have another thing coming this season. It’s time to start throwing darts at a map, because Eidon’s brand-new 2019 collection was dreamed up to accompany you on life’s greatest adventures. You know how the motto goes: live, travel, surf. Let’s make it happen.




There is no feeling quite like first few serene moments after plunging into rich blue waters. Take Azure with you on your next deep dive and become one with the colours around you!




Hey there, beautiful! Made you blush? With our Blush collection, you can harness the electric effervescence of being tickled pink every time you slip into one of our summer-ready swimsuits.




Let the rich turquoises of our endless ocean and the lush greens of sky-high palm trees ignite your sense of wonder: embark on a tropical adventure for the ages with Caribe.




Smoldering. Unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. Pigmented with the ultimate earth tone, this line of stylish swimwear will infuse your spirit with the fire of a powerful, commanding, larger-than-life volcano.




This collection’s namesake evergreen plant boasts a reputation for thriving in the harshest of conditions. Just like this delicate but determined bloom, we hope that Periwinkle can empower you to to shine on, no matter what!




Get ready to blossom into a rainbow of petals, blooms, and leaves with Violetta. Drenched in tones of crisp turquoise, lively pink, and rich purple, these blooms are made exceptional by their bright, bold, and beautiful stature.




Delicate with just a hint of edge, the Pixie collection is what Marie Antoinette would have worn if surfing was a thing in the 18th century. Miniature bouquets and horizontal stripes bring an “oomph” that would rock any royal tea party.




Inspired by the wispy grasslands and savannah-like landscapes of the Himalayan foothills, our Gurung print features a Caribe backdrop splashed with pops of yellow, white, and turquoise.




Somewhere in the boundless Sahara desert lies a series of lakes called the Ounianga. This serene oasis is home to the same spectacular sunsets that inspired this electrifying print, cast against a midnight-black backdrop.




A remarkably stunning archipelago, Zanzibar has all the natural delights you could possibly dream of, from endless coastlines to exhilarating safaris. Our namesake collection radiates Zanzibar’s signature spirit, richness, and joy.


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