Travel Tips From Our Eidon Adventurers!

Travel Tips From Our Eidon Adventurers!

Travel Tips From Our Eidon Adventurers!


Spring break is right around the corner! Time for us to escape the last breaths of winter and head to warmer and sunnier places. Consequently, it is also possibly, the most stressful time of the year to travel. Sky high airfare, crowded airports and not to mention delayed and/or cancelled flights thanks to unpredictable snow storms. There are some curveballs life throws at us that we can do nothing but accept, but travel preparation need not be one of them! So to help take the edge off of those winter wanderlust woes, here are a few travel tips and tricks from our always travel-busy Eidon Adventurers:

 1. “Make a packing list at least one week ahead of departure”: This is a no-brainer that we all neglect. This tip ensures that you have time to add any items you may remember along the way and not forget anything when it’s actually time to pack. DUH!

 2. “Make a list of places/things you’d like to see or do beforehand”: Seriously, how ‘many times have we left our destination and be like “Man! I wish I’d gone there or did that!”? Live not in regret guys. Just make the list.

 3. “Always carry printed copies of your passport in your luggage/backpack and personal products bag in case you lose it”: We guard our passports like a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but again, Murphy’s Law can kick in at any time and somehow, your passport becomes lost or stolen. Having a copy of this precious document will help you tremendously while trying to either retrieve the original, get a replacement, or return home. GO COPY YOURS NOW

 4. “Pack light but never skimp on bikinis”: This goes right back to tip #1! Think ahead of what is essential and omit what isn’t. It’s so much easier to move about with less. The best part of traveling minimally, is that it helps you skip the annoying baggage claim wait and head straight out to new adventures!

 5. Always roll, never fold”: Rolling compacts your clothing allowing you to fit more into your suitcase. This is especially useful if you’re trying to travel light (i.e. hand luggage only). More space = more bikinis! And more space for souvenirs too! :D

 6. “Always pack extra batteries/chargers for your camera/phone”: Because nothing says missed opportunity like the flashing red light of doom of a dead camera or phone battery when the coolest photo-worthy thing is happening right in front of you.

 7. “Always pack a sweater, neck pillow and at least one will always find use for them one way or the other”. Airports are cold. Neck pillows, contrary to popular belief, aren’t only just for neck use. Bikinis, no matter what the temperature, can always find a reason to be used. Take for example, the Poppy style which is perfect as a sports bra, or the Jenny one-piece which you can pair with your favorite denim shorts.


Remember, travel should be fun and exciting and packing should be the most painless part of it. So, on that note, we sincerely hope that these seven tips help the process in some form or fashion (even if it’s just by a smidgen).


This post was written by our Caribbean #EidonAdventurer Chrissana Wilmot, and tips were gathered from Haley Jardine, Maryne Guillon, Izzy Poulin, and Hailey Nolin.


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