by #EidonAdventurer, Chrissana Wilmot - Follow her adventures here

There’s nothing we look forward to more than our campaign shoots as we relish the opportunity to bring the crew together. This time, it was 3 days of working hard with Key West as our playground. All that stood between us and this fabled destination was 160 miles and a 3-hour drive. Our road trip began in Miami across the US 1 highway and over the famed 7 mile bridge. Far from boring, our eyes darted from left to right as we gawked at the islets and coral reefs that zoomed out of sight. Ever so often we’d satisfy our curiosity with pit stops in quirky shops filled with this and that, trinkets and knick knacks with a tropical, island-like flair. Our favourite break, however, came half way through the trip as we came face to face with a giant sculpture of a spiny lobster affectionately known as Big Besty. We couldn’t get enough!


We started and ended each day in sync with the sun. We made the most of the colourful canvas of a sky.


Upon our eventual arrival, we set out on foot to explore and discover what the southernmost Key had to offer. Short, narrow roadways with colourfully painted buildings give this place a Caribbean feel with colonial undertones, the atmosphere is saturated with history.



We started and ended each day in sync with the sun. We made the most of the colourful canvas of a sky. During an incredibly perfect sunset, our swimsuits twinned with the cotton-candied whips in the sky. This, we accepted wholeheartedly, as a compliment.



The mid-day hours found us wandering through the town giggling at the resident chickens that roamed the streets. We also sampled as much key lime pie as we could to determine who really had the best in Key West. Pies in plates and even chocolate-covered key lime pie on sticks, we would have quicker died from a sugar rush than be able to choose a winner, after all, this was it’s famous birthplace.



Our favourite location, however, wasn’t in Key West itself, but an outer Key that was only accessible by boat. The water was a perfect transparent pool with a soft, sandy bottom that massaged our feet with every step. We frolicked like children in the warm water, snorkelling with passing sea life and finding a few nautical treasures along the way. This place, the epitome of paradise, was equipped with a single picturesque tree swing and we were beyond grateful to be there.



Palm trees, pies, and plenty of smiles, we had undoubtedly created our own little formula for making our jobs just that much easier. Thank you for having us Key West!