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Women bring their own touch of beauty and character to everything they do and with surfing it’s just the same. As one of the most dynamic sports to ever exist, women have found a way to add grace and poise to this pastime while keeping it skillful and explosive. The strength, coordination and passion it takes to coexist with the most temperamental element while adding a lady’s touch is nothing short of extraordinary and deserves to be celebrated as such. Paying homage to spellbinding water women worldwide, here are 5 Instagram accounts about women surfing to check out:

Available as a bilingual print and web publication, Immersion Surf Magazine explores all angles of soul surfing with feminine form. From stunning surf portraits to up close silhouettes of some fancy footwork, each post visually transports you to a different surf location of the world providing a mental escape on those landlocked days. So vivid are these photos that you can feel the water tickling your toes and the fresh salty air in your lungs. Permission is granted to day dream for this one.

New to “the gram” but not new to the cause, this page is pushing boundaries and bringing women of color and underrepresented demographics to the forefront. Founded by 4 remarkable women split between the East and West coasts of the USA, this page is like a fresh offshore breeze on a glassy morning! Featuring striking surf, skate and lifestyle photos of “women of all shades,'' Textured Waves, is changing the narrative of representation in board sports, especially surfing, one post at a time.

They say that the best surfer is the one having the most fun and this account demonstrates just that! An ode to the women of the water, this collection of dreamy images will either make you glad you’re a surfer or encourage you start. From otherworldly underwater shots to stills of seamless wave sliding, each photo of this assemblage is frame-worthy and truly should be in an exhibition of its own. 

Part action, part fashion, Jetty Girl encapsulates the West Coast surf lifestyle amongst its female board riders. Featuring shredders and gliders you already know, and some you should, it’s a great page to get the scoop on the latest trends in swimsuits and beach lifestyle products. Additionally, it’s revered swimsuit guide is a must-read if you’re looking for an informal yet calculated introduction to new brands and even recommendations for the most functional swimwear in the surf industry.

Started by two friends in California, The Ocean is Female is a digital memoir of surfing mermaids from across the globe. Using quotes and excerpts from casually conducted interviews, this page eloquently chronicles tales of adversity, triumph and all the in betweens from the female surfer’s perspective. Featuring everyone from cold water surfers in Iceland to the tropical betties of the Caribbean, this account is as colorful and diverse as the fish in the sea we’d rather be with!

 The sea is where our spirits were born and our hearts lie, so whether you’re a surfer at heart or one in real life, these instagram pages are bound to energize your salty senses and deepen your gratitude for the craft that is wave riding.  

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