Rediscover: TANNA

Rediscover: TANNA

Rediscover: TANNA


When you’re chasing the waves, life’s not always a beach. Sometimes it’s a jungle. Now, we’re revisiting the lush beauty of some our favorite South American surf spots as we rediscover TANNA, a swimwear collection inspired by the rich colors and vibrant energy of the jungle.

Brimming with bright colors and bold botanicals, this fiery floral print finds an earthy balance with soft, olive green accents – a pairing that will have you dreaming of Amazonian treks in Costa Rica or the green canopy of southern Brazil.


 (Left) Top: Madison - Bottom: Caia, (Right) Left model Top: Madison - Left model Bottom: Kahina | Right model Top: Adelina - Left model Bottom: Caia


Of course, there’s always a romantic side to florals. And that dreamy charm is there in TANNA too. But with its tropical blooms and hot pinks and corals, this vivid motif is more flower power than shrinking violet, bursting with intensity.

But for all its heat, the jungle’s also a chilling space full of soft stillness and light. And that comes through in TANNA’s laid back olive details, from sporty contrast panels to flirty frills. It’s a subtle nod to the natural, earthy elements that make the jungle such an enchanting source of inspiration.


  (Left) Top: Madison - Bottom: Caia, (Right) Top: Adelina - Bottom: Low Rider


Spark your wanderlust to channel the jungle’s warmth and color this season with TANNA – whether your dreaming of rainforest adventures or walking the path less traveled under the jungle’s green awning.



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