Mix & Match: Find Your Eidon Bikini

Mix & Match: Find Your Eidon Bikini

Mix & Match: Find Your Eidon Bikini


Colour, that glorious sensation our eyes experience as soon as light pierces darkness, has an undeniable power over us. It has the innate ability to affect our moods, manifest our emotions and reflect our unique personalities. It tells the story of our individuality through our clothing because every day is a new beginning and swimwear should be no different. Whether you’re feeling peaceful at the pool, blissful at the beach or flirtatious at your favourite summer festival, let the colours do the talking! Choose from 6 rich solids to compliment your distinct aura. And if you’re willing to be daring, mix, match, switch and swap any of our many prints with solids to make that statement without saying a word. The combinations are as endless as your imagination and we hope you are inspired to create pairs that are as outstanding as you! 



 Left: Adelina Top in Batu & Bikini Bottom in Petunia | Right: Madison Top in Eucalyptus & Low Rider Bottom in Batu



Bright, vibrant and channeling the energy of carnivals around the globe, Batu has very intricate detailing and deserves to be complimented with something equally as unique. It goes well with our Eucalyptus shade, giving you a more playful appearance. If you’re searching for something that’s even more vibrant, combine it with our Papaya and Petunia.



Featuring a beautiful tapestry pattern, Gemini is a decorative motif that will steal the show no matter what. Pair this decorative print with our Black Licorice in Solids is a subtle contrast, letting the traditional Moroccan-inspired design speak for itself. 




Left: Madison Top in Tanna & Kahina Bottom in Black | Right: Adelina Top in Black & Caia Bottom in Tanna 



The vivacious floral blooms of Tanna will give you a little pop of color, while including a soft green contrast. To complete the fiery and bold effect, pair it with the Fireball to let the blossoms stand out. Conversely, Our Black Licorice will make you appear more elegant and classy.




Fun, bold and vibrant, all of adjectives we use to describe our Tangalooma print. This v-shaped placement print can be paired with Fireball and Azurine to complete the vivacious look and to bring out your bubbly personality. Match it with Black Licorice to make the colour motif pop and add a subtle contrast to your swimwear wardrobe.
Left: Madison Top in Eucalyptus & Bikini Bottom in Yuma | Right: Poppy Top in Yuma & Rebel Bottom in Eucalyptus



The soft pastel colours of Yuma with the addition of the cute cacti pattern in the lining will have you dreaming of warmer days spent under the desert sun. To complete this vibrant look, pair it with Eucalyptus from our Solids Collection or with Black Licorice for a striking contrast.


Who doesn’t like to be creative and spice things up every once and a while? With our prints and solids collections, choosing the perfect swimsuit is no longer filled with hours of trying to find a flawless match; we’ve done it for you. We also love to see you in our swimwear, so don’t forget to share your pictures with us by using the #EidonLife hashtag. Browse our store to discover your perfect bikini that compliments your personality and lifestyle!


Oh, and we can’t forget about our promotion! When you create your outfit by mixing and matching with our prints and solids, you get a free poncho. With this addition, you’ll be set for all of your journeys! Click here for details.





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