Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Nini Narvaez

Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Nini Narvaez

Introducing Eidon Adventurer: Nini Narvaez


It’s been a few months since we launched our #EidonAdventurers program (how does time fly by so quickly?!) Since then, we’ve showcased these ten incredible women from all over North America on our Instagram doing the things they love most: traveling, surfing, hiking, and just being themselves!

But what we reallllllly want to do is tell you more about who they are and what inspires them! Since we launched our Hawaii-inspired Kalei print last week, we thought it’d be most appropriate to start our series with our Hawaiian adventurer Nini Narvaez!


23-year-old Nini lives in Kapolei, Hawaii, and has been surfing pretty much her entire life. Born and raised in Oahu, she grew up on the West of the island where she would walk to the beach in less than five minutes. Naturally, she spent most of her time in the ocean with her siblings, where they taught each other how to surf.



Eidon: How do you describe the feeling surfing gives you?

NN: I surf because I love how it brings so much joy to everyone’s faces. It makes me feel so happy that everyone can come together at one surf break and enjoy each other’s company and the waves at the same time. We all jump in the ocean to either start our day off right with an epic surf session or to end our day with an afternoon session as the sun goes down.


Eidon: What’s your favorite thing about living in Hawaii?

NN: I love living in Hawaii because I wake up every day feeling so blessed that I live in paradise, and people dream about living here. Living on an island means you’re surrounded by ocean, and no matter which side of the island you go to, there will be waves! (Yup, we’re definitely jealous!)


Eidon: What are some must see places or must do activities when visiting Hawaii in your opinion?

NN: When you come to Hawaii, the one thing you MUST DO is SURF!! Catch some surf lessons in the heart of Waikiki where it all started! Nothing beats surfing while having beautiful Diamond Head right behind you just miles away. You MUST DO an “around the island cruise” so you can see everything from the crystal blue ocean on the West side to Waikiki then to the beautiful green East side, and of course the pumping waves on the North Shore of Oahu.


Eidon: Name us your favorite Hawaiian dish!

NN: One of my favorite Hawaiian dishes is Squid Luau and for dessert is Haupia! At every graduation, birthday party, or even at a family get together these two dishes are a must have!

10 quick facts about Nini:

  • “John Legend is always on repeat as I do my morning routine. I can’t go on with my day without listening to one of his songs.”
  • “My favorite animals are elephants and sloths! I have 3 dogs and 1 rabbit.”
  • “My go to bikinis for surfing are one pieces so the Jenny one piece suit is my favorite so far!”
  • If she could go anywhere in the world right now... “AUSTRALIA! Surfing Noosa is my dream wave!”
  • “Kassia Meador has inspired me in so many ways as a girl surfer. Watching her surf is so graceful and effortless.”
  • Morning or night person? “Morning! I love waking up with the sun and watching the beautiful sunrise in the water.”
  • “I try not to live my life with any fears BUT, I do have a fear of centipedes!”
  • What she does to unwind and de-stress… “Either jumping in the ocean or going running.”
  • “My last trip was to Maui for the first time and I fell in love!”
  • “My favorite thing about myself is that I love adventuring and finding new things to do on my free time.”


You can catch more of Nini on her Instagram!



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