Discover: The Madison

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What makes the Madison one of our most popular items of all time? It’s all about the crossover between its looks-good-on-everyone minimalist design and its surprisingly robust support.

No matter if you’re a swimmer, a splasher, or a surfer, Madison will keep everything in its right place while you enjoy your time in the ocean or the pool. This “wear it your way” fixed triangle bikini top has removable soft cups and a two-way tie-back: you can criss-cross the straps for enhanced support while you swim, or leave them parallel for prime beach lounging.

Eidon's Madison top and Tiki bottom from the Indigo Shores collection.
Eidon's Madison top and Rebel bottom in the Tamarindo color from the Expeditions collection.

It might look sleek and simple on the outside, but the Madison is truly built for the adventurer at heart. It provides the same amount of support as a light activity sports bra, and can even be worn on a low-impact hike if you think you might get wet (always be prepared for a surprise dip in a hidden waterfall, lake, or creek).

Eidon's Madison top and Tiki bottom from the Sayulita collection.
Eidon's Madison top in Fiji Sun color from the Expeditions collection and Rebel bottom from the Indigo Shores collection.

With a bikini top like Madison, you can hike, swim, and move with confidence wherever you go. Nothing should ever hold you back from letting your inner explorer lead the way – least among them, an uncomfortable or unsupportive swimsuit!

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