Discover: Eidon Clothing

Discover: Eidon Clothing

Discover: Eidon Clothing

 There’s nothing better than spending the day surfing or exploring new places in your favorite bikini. However, sometimes you need to cover up. Our clothing is so comfortable that you won’t want to leave for your day without it. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight dress, a cute crop top or a pair of shorts, we’ve got you covered!

Our Sandrine dress is an oversized button-down shirt that can be worn while strolling on the beach or picking some fruit at the local market. It’s lightweight and easy to put on or take off. If you’re searching for something to slip on, our Sarah dress features a cute cactus print that can be worn while relaxing or on a new adventure.

Left - Coverup: Sandrine | Right - Coverup: Sarah

 Throw on our Ophelia poncho, that opens at the front and even has a pocket on each side, in case you want to keep a little souvenir for yourself as you walk through the greenery of the forest.

Another easy option is the Beatrix crop top, that matches well with a cute bikini or shorts, for those who are wild as a child, free as the sea…as it’s embroider on the shirt. If you want to show off your cute bikini, the Delphina shorts are your best option. They are high-waisted with an elastic back, making them easy to put on after a day spent exploring or on the beach.

Left - Coverup: Ophelia | Right - Top: Beatrix, Bottom: Delphina

 Wherever your adventure takes you, our cover ups will become your essential item. They are created with soft fabric, and are made to travel with ease. So, grab your board, bikini and cover up and head out to your next adventure!


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