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Every adventurer knows that packing your bags is both an art and a science. Whether you’re a to-do list aficionado or prefer to organize your items using brainpower alone, you’ll need to include your beach coverup!


Don’t let their stylish exteriors fool you: coverups are surprisingly versatile. You can even think of them as the Swiss army knife of beachwear! If you have yet to explore the many, many uses for a cute coverup, consider this a sign – read on to find out why we love them, and we promise you’ll be convinced!

Eidon's Zinc kimono in the Andalusia print.
Eidon's Sarah dress in the Navagio print.

Reason 1: They’re the perfect transitional item


If you’re in exploring mode, your itinerary is probably set to whisk you off to multiple activities in the same day. From lounging seaside to strolling around town, and from catching a few waves to dancing under the stars, you’ll be transitioning from bathing suit to regular clothes at least once – if not more.


Enter: the coverup. While some coverup styles certainly lean more “beachy,” like the Zinc kimono, others are essentially identical to city clothes! You could easily slip into the Sarah dress when you’re hopping from beach to restaurant, or throw on the Harlow pants and a simple tank top when it’s time to head into town.

Eidon's Azure dress  & Harlow pants in the Suluada print.

Reason 2: They’re super light and easy to pack


Are you a roller? A folder? Do you use packing cubes to stay super-organized? No matter which method you swear by, every last inch of suitcase space counts! The good news is, coverups are feather-light: not only do they take up barely any space, but they weigh next to nothing. So if you’re debating whether you’ve got enough room to pack a coverup, trust us –you can make it happen.

Eidon's Sarah dress in the Makani print.
Eidon's Sarah dress in the Morotai print.

Reason 3: They protect your skin from the sun


Even the most dedicated adventurers need a break from the sun every once in a while. Between surfing sessions, a coverup can place a much-needed layer of fabric between your skin and the sun’s powerful rays.


Overexposure to the sun can lead to a painful burn in the short term, and in the long term, it can even damage your skin’s collagen and speed up the visible aging process. To level up, combine your coverup with sunscreen, a wide-brim hat, and UV protective glasses – the sun won’t know what hit it!

Eidon's Zinc kimono in the Vice print.

Reason 4: They’re comfy while you walk or hike


Coverups are designed, primarily, for lounging around and relaxing – so they need to be extra comfortable! If you’re enjoying a nice long walk or hike in the great outdoors, you can easily slip a coverup on top of a sports bra and bike shorts for a breezy, lightweight on-the-go outfit.


Whether you’re more drawn to an airy pant or luxurious kimono, you can’t go wrong with a coverup. There’s no better way to effortlessly transition between environments, shield your skin from the sun, and keep your suitcase feeling nice and light.

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