This girl is definitely a ray of sunshine! Meet our adventurer Izzy, who not only loves a good surf break, but is also a huge foodie! Learn about how she first started modeling and the special bond she has with her dad, who she can also call an adventure partner!


Q: Tell us a little about yourself:

A: I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California! Some of my hobbies include surfing, skiing, playing tennis, hiking/camping, and basically doing anything outdoors. I am a recent graduate from the University of Redlands where I studied Environmental Business. I have been modeling for over 5 years and I am a big foodie and love traveling around the world!


Q: Describe to us the feeling of having the perfect surf moment.

A: The perfect surf moment is when you catch that wave that you have been waiting for the entire session and you stand up and everything aligns perfectly-your stance, the wave, and your board. After the wave is over, you jump back on your board and paddle back out to the line up with a HUGE smile on your face!

Jenny One-Piece in Black


Q: You’ve created an Instagram account specifically for food (@izzyiseating), all of which looks amazing! What inspired you to create an account like this? 

A: All my friendly have told me that I am always eating good food and asking where those places are. I decided to make an account to show them my favorite places to eat and exactly where they are/the names of the places. I also am a big foodie and LOVE eating so food is a big part of my life!


Q: Your pictures on Instagram are beautiful! How did you become a model and bikini influencer?

A: I was inspired to start modeling because my mom started doing it around my age. I actually won a contest with Transworld Surf Magazine which brought a bunch of followers on my Instagram account. After taking photos and tagging brands, they would reach out to me and send me product to shoot in. This is how my journey to being a model, content creator, and bikini influencer began!

Left: Rooney Top and Caia Bottom in Azurine  | Right: Kali Top and Bikini Bottom in Tanna


Q: Although most of the time you basically live in a bikini and post pictures of you surfing, what do you like to do on your down time?  

A: On my down time, I still like to stay as active as possible. I have a lot of energy, so if the surf isn't good, I usually go on a hike or go to the gym. If I'm feeling extra lazy, I'll throw on some Netflix or TV and relax with my cat, Lily!


Q: Last month you went to the Philippines with your dad. What’s it like going on an adventure with family versus doing it alone?

A: My dad and I have grown very close since my mom passed away two years ago. We share a bond where we both love being active, traveling, and surfing together. I am very lucky to be able to go on these trips and do all the fun activities with him! 

Rooney Top and Caia Bottom is Eucalyptus


Q: You’ve recently traveled to Lake Almanor, Lake Tahoe, and Oahu, Hawaii. What do you enjoy most about traveling? 

A: Long car and plane rides are usually not for me, but if you travel with the right people, they can make it super fun! Once I reach my destination I make sure to enjoy every single minute of the trip. I think my favorite part about traveling is meeting new people, trying new things, and experiencing new places.


5 Quick Facts about Izzy:

  • Activities currently on her bucket list…Sky Dive, Swim with Dolphins and traveling the world!
  • Favorite spot in the area where she lives…my favorite restaurant is Puesto! They have THE BEST tacos I have ever had. Our mouths are watering, Izzy!
  • What she does to de-stress…Taking a siesta on the beach.
  • Pets that she has…I have a cat named Lily and two pet rats, Kona and Pepper!

Left: Adelina Top in Tangalooma | Right: Jenny One-Piece in Culebra


You can follow all of Izzy’s adventures on her Instagram (@izzyisup) as well as her food-inspired page (@izzyiseating).