5 Reasons to Escape the City with Your Girls

School, work, family, relationships, LIFE! It’s easy to get lost in our daily groove as time ticks away like an unpredictable blur. However, we need to consciously give ourselves permission to break away from our familiar routines every now and then. Regardless of age, social status or location, a gal pal getaway always seems to hit the spot for our minds, bodies and souls. Whether it’s done with flare or on a shoe-string budget, here are 5 reasons why you should escape the city with your girlfriends:

It's stress relieving

Girls-only adventures create a space that’s safe and free of pressure and judgment, allowing us to let our hair down and let loose! Forget your inhibitions, dance, drink or laugh your worries away with your fellow sisters who are more than likely doing the same thing. Escapes like these are like an extended group therapy session ending with a sense of rejuvenation and a re-emergence of our truest self.

It's liberating

Let’s be honest: Nothing excites us more than feeling like we’re conquering the world! To be able to explore and experience things with a group of women who won’t hold you back, but will encourage, uplift and empower you, is absolutely golden. Just you and the girls running the world one footstep at a time. That ladies, is the true epitome of freedom!

It allows you to reconnect

Vacations with comrades give the perfect opportunity to reminisce about shared experiences, laugh out loud about the things you didn’t remember and even for the things you’d prefer to forget! It’s a good time to explore the changes and growth within each other, opening up about goals and aspirations for the short and long term.

It's inspiring

It’s unlikely to leave a girlfriend getaway not feeling inspired. This simple, yet invaluable coexistence of like-minded women sharing their energy and stories, will undoubtedly spark the flame within ourselves to try new things and just do better. Be it an unexpected culinary or make up hack or something more sophisticated like an investment tip, you will return home with some new perspectives and a desire to enact change.

It's fun

This reason is a no brainer and really trumps all others! Whether you’re glamping it up or sipping mimosas all day by the pool, everything seems so much more enjoyable when it’s done in the company of gal pals!

It takes a little bit of planning, but the end result is so worth it as you deepen the relationship you already have with others, even with yourself, and maybe cultivate some new ones. 

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