5 Reasons to be an Adventurer

5 Reasons to be an Adventurer

5 Reasons to be an Adventurer


If you’ve got a few bucks tucked away, some extra time on your hands, and a pair of wandering feet that are just begging for a change of scenery, you’re closer than ever to becoming a bona fide adventurer. Here are 5 great reasons why you should listen to your gut, find your happy place, and click “book!”  


When you visit a new place, you have implied permission to release your inner glutton. From Bangkok’s famed chicken satay stalls to diamond-in-the-rough taco stands on the streets of Sayulita, travel has a knack for engaging everyone’s second stomach. Trust us, you will always find room for seconds (and relish every bite).




At home, your greatest challenge might be finding the motivation to launch yourself out of bed every morning, or to actually start meal prepping on Sundays. But what about mustering up the strength to climb all 463 steps of Florence’s breathtaking Duomo, where a panoramic view of the entire city awaits post-ascent? How about putting all your faith in the zip-line wire in front of you as it rocks back and forth in the wind, and letting it send you on a high-speed journey above the treetops? Conquering unfamiliar frontiers and pushing personal limits is an incredible way to remind yourself that you’re an everyday rockstar, and you totally have it in you to try new and exciting things!




 From the prehistoric tombs and temples of Petra to the towering peaks of Machu Picchu, going on an adventure is the key to experiencing world history like never before. Sure, you might have glossed over these historical sites in a textbook or stumbled upon their Wikipedia pages, but there is no substitute for planting your two feet on the same patch of ground as the thousands – even millions – of people that have come before you.




Sure, going on an adventure can come with its own set of challenges – think tight train schedules, lost personal items, and super-saturated itineraries. But on the flip side, arriving at a destination you’ve been dreaming about for ages can deliver a type of peace and serenity that’s rarely found at home. Giving yourself the chance to switch gears, drink in incredible vistas and landscapes, and enjoy some of life’s finer things in stunning environs is a great way to press your personal “reset” button!




It’s all too easy to get bored and restless when faced with the ho-hum of everyday life. But let’s be honest – your apartment’s slightly uneven floor, your aggressively friendly officemate, and your weekly trip to the grocery store can all take on an oddly endearing aura right after you return from trotting the globe. 



Exploring the many corners of our world is an unparalleled way to feed the soul, the mind, and of course, the stomach. Whether you’re simply looking to shake up your routine or catapult yourself into the unfamiliar, setting your sights on travel is always a good idea. So, where will your next adventure be?




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