Rediscover: TANGALOOMA

Rediscover: TANGALOOMA

Rediscover: TANGALOOMA


For the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia, Tangalooma signifies where the fish gather. And where else do they gather but below the surface of crystal-like waters? It’s hard to believe that our planet Earth, offering so much beauty to us already, hides an entire other world below the ground. A world that’s as colorful as a garden of flowers, that’s as exotic as a far away tropical island, and that’s as diverse as the creatures that roam the land.



With small fish swimming together in giant cloud-like clusters, to miles and miles of rainbow-like coral reefs, it’s no wonder that we wanted to create a collection that would bring this vibrant side of life above water.



The Tangalooma is a radiant stripe print that combines all of our Summer 2018 colors together, making it perfect for endless mix-and-match pairings. You can emulate a different mermaid look at each new adventure and twin with the fishes you’ll swim alongside with.



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