Discover: PARADISE

Discover: PARADISE

Discover: PARADISE


Springtime is the glue that binds frosty winters and radiant summers together: a brief period that sees the last remaining crystals of snow and ice shrink away to reveal young, hardy blades of grass. Weary wintered eyes blink in disbelief at the slowly warming earth, and weathered skin drinks in the barely-there touch of the sun’s returning heat.



This season announces its presence to us in many ways, from the sound of babbling birds at dawn to determined flowers breaking through the thawing soil. It’s simple things like these that make us want to throw the covers off, jump out of bed, and run to the window, watching as the cold weather relaxes its grip in real-time.



Capture the unique duality of fabulous spring with our Paradise collection, honoring winter’s embrace with a deep, dark teal and springtime renewal with a rosy pink. The gap between these two colors’ personalities is bridged by an iconic overall pattern of budding blooms and brilliant birds, living in perfect harmony.




The Paradise line is particularly diverse, featuring a few items that are only available in a handful of other colours. Our high-neck Sarah dress is the ideal versatile coverup, and the Lily short is the ultimate companion to a Paradise-patterned bikini top or plain white tee. The flutter-sleeved Claire top is a super-flirty and flattering style, and the Madison is available in both standard and D-DD/E cup sizing. The Blaire bottom is a sportier take on the classic bikini, featuring a higher waist and front drawstring for a quasi-boy-short look.


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