Is it really an off-the-beaten-path road trip fantasy if it doesn’t involve a jaunt through the desert? With your tires kicking up plumes of dust that catch the light of the high-noon sun, you don’t need a GPS to confirm that you’re not in Kansas anymore: arid flatlands surround you on all sides, punctuated with stoic Saguaros and birds of prey circling overhead. It’s enough to give a person goosebumps, even in blistering 100-degree weather.



But what becomes of this barren land when the white-hot sun goes down, taking the desert’s signature beige-and-orange cast with it? What happens under the cover of night, when the mercury slides by fifty-odd degrees to reveal the desert’s frigid side? If you ask us, the desert shines brightest under the light of the moon, its rugged personality softened ever-so-slightly by a jet-black sky bursting with shimmering stars.



If you stick around to observe past midnight – and we do suggest you bring a blanket or two – you might notice a collection of nocturnal animals coming out of the woodwork, from the cute-as-a-button cottontail rabbit to the wide-eyed ringtail. Think of the desert as nature’s most unassuming nightclub: when the sun goes down, the fun is just getting started.



Our Midnight Desert collection, an ode to this ecosystem’s multifaceted personality, features a stark black background brought to life with splashy green cacti and playful flowers. The high-neck Zora one-piece, the plunging Rooney top, and the merrow edge Tiki bottom are just a few of the exciting pieces available in this funky print, so get your night owl on and live it up with Midnight Desert.


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