Discover: KURUMA

Discover: KURUMA

Discover: KURUMA


The lavish Kuruma series is a window into India’s rich artistic flair. Traditional silk brocade patterns and ornate decorative motifs are synonymous with the country’s architecture and interiors, mind-bendingly intricate and positively drenched in multidimensional color.



Its crown jewel, of course, is the iconic Taj Mahal, its regal exterior covered in a complex web of ultra-fine detailing. On the inside, every square inch of this Mughal-style temple is a paradise of ornamental patterns, completely unparalleled in its commitment to sheer opulence.



Aside from the incredible luxuriousness of its buildings, forts, and temples, India has color in its DNA. If you wander one of its many open-air markets, you will be met with a tidal wave of fresh fruits and vegetables, sky-high piles of saturated spices, and row upon row of beautiful scarves and saris. And of course, anywhere you travel within this vast country, you will feel the incredible pulse of being among over one billion other people, each one contributing a tiny dot to India’s expansive tapestry of humanity.



Our Kuruma collection is infused with the same bustle and movement as the country that inspired it all. A brilliant fusion of Fireball (you might recognize this colour from our Solids collection) and deep purple, interwoven with yellow, this motif will come alive against any skin tone under the sun – including yours! From the plunging Rooney top to the high-neck Vita, there’s something for everyone with Kuruma.


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