Discover: KALEI

Discover: KALEI

Discover: KALEI

What’s exotic and beautiful, has beaches for days, is perfect for surfers, and a dream destination to all those who call themselves adventurers?


It sounds like some kind of heaven doesn’t it? Well, it’s Hawaii. This archipelago is the perfect destination for those who dream of big blue waves and endless green trails. And not only is its nature captivating but so is its culture. Who isn’t mesmerized by the movements of hoola dancers and hypnotized by the happy notes of ukulele songs? And if that wasn’t enough, you have an abundance of fresh fruits and delicious street food to indulge in, from poke to spam musubi and shave ice – we’re salivating just thinking about it.

Whether you’re walking down the beach, hiking up to a volcano crater, or simply walking through its streets, you’ll notice that Hawaii is rich in the most beautiful flowers. They’re everywhere, popping in color at every corner. They’re the first thing we get to see, touch, and smell on our arrival also – Hawaiians traditionally offer visitors with a wreath of flesh flowers (called Lei) as a sign of affection. And maybe that’s why we instantly feel at home when we visit – because no matter where we turn, the flora reminds us that we’re cared for and surrounded by the some of the world’s nicest people.



Our Kalei collection is a celebration the beauty of Hawaii’s, and inspired by the generosity of its nature and its people. We kept it simple, putting the flowers at the forefront, and with a white border for a clean and modern touch. Now, wherever you are in the world, you’ll always carry a piece of the islands with you. And if you’ve never been, maybe it’ll inspire you to see its beauty with your own eyes.

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