Discover: GURUNG

Discover: GURUNG

Discover: GURUNG


We, the people of Eidon, wish to officially announce our request to crown the entire country of Nepal as the eighth wonder of the world. Why’s that, you ask? Well…



Home to the colossus that is Mount Everest as well as the breathtaking Himalaya range, the same place that boasts the densest concentration of World Heritage sites is also thought to be the birthplace of the Buddha himself. With over 120 different ethnic groups and castes living within Nepal’s modest footprint, locals share the land with endangered species including the fearsome Bengal tiger, the regal snow leopard, and the positively adorable red panda. Oh, and the ever-elusive Yeti, but nobody’s seen him around lately.



This Nepali-inspired collection is named after the Gurung people, an Indigenous ethnic group that inhabits various regions of the country, including the foothills of towering Annapurna. Derived from the Tibetan word for “farmers,” Gurung also call themselves Tamu, which means “horseman.” Inspired by the wispy grasslands and savannah-like landscapes of the Himalayan foothills, this print features a crisp Caribe backdrop splashed with pops of yellow, white, and turquoise.





Just like the invigorating breezes that weave between the many peaks and crests of Nepal’s revered mountain ranges, our leafy Gurung collection evokes a distinctive crispness and coolness offset by a touch of golden yellow. This motif features a number of unique cuts for you to choose from: tops like our tee-style Polly and the on-or-off-the-shoulder Claire challenge the classic bikini silhouette, and our higher-rise tie-front Blaire bottom is a sporty swimwear star.


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